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Cultural places in Montpellier

Montpellier shines thanks to its cultural places where art is shown in all its facets. Then, you will discover academic, contemporary and popular arts. That, in spaces rich in history, from the Fabre museum to small galleries, from large theaters to alternative venues

Fine arts, contemporary art and music await you in Montpellier to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Come learn French and discover the cultural events of Montpellier with the Alliance Française programs!

cultural places

The Fabre Museum

A meeting with the fine arts

The Fabre Museum is the main museum of fine arts in Montpellier. Heroe, you may discover all its exhibitions, collections, acquisitions, paintings, sculptures. Also, the collections and the temporal exhibitions await you in one of the most important cultural places in France.

cultural places in montpellier

Opéra Comédie

A space not to be missed in the city.

The Opera Comédie is an Italian-style theater built in the 18th century. It is home to the National Opera Orchestra, with 93 musicians and a chorus of 31 artists. Also, the structure has a very wide repertoire that extends from baroque music to contemporary music and from lyrical to symphonic.

cultural places in france

Mo.Co. La Panacée

A stronghold of contemporary art.

MoCo is a multi-site structure dedicated to contemporary art. So, it makes the Mediterranean city a stronghold of art and a cultural destination. La Panacée, the Montcalm Hotel and the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts are part of the project. Moreover, it hosts very popular exhibitions and a mediation team that is up to the public’s demands. It is one of the cultural places that show the spirit of the city.

montpellier cultural places

Places of culture. Pavillon Populaire

Photography in all its states.

First, the Popular Pavilion is a space dedicated to photography. Also, it is open to the public for free. Secondly, it displays a high level of programming, presenting the works of artists of national and international renown. Finally, an average of three exhibitions are held there each year.

culture in montpellier

Faculty of Medicine – Conservatoire d’anatomie

Montpellier revolves around Medicine.

Montpellier’s reputation is inseparable from its Faculty of Medicine. This one, is the oldest school in the Western world (12th century) still in operation. Also, it is classified as a historical monument since 2004. It houses an important library and the Museum of Anatomy. Thus, the faculty is one of the city’s renowned cultural sites.

art fabre museum

Quai de Verdanson

The temple of graffitti.

The Verdanson is a stream that stretches over a length of 4 kilometers in Montpellier. But, it is above all an open-air museum. Moreover, the walls of the canal are covered with graffiti and tags that are constantly renewed. Like that, they expose new trends in street art.

fabre and other cultural plces

Agora, city of dance

Montpellier, capital of dance.

The Agora, Cité internationale de la Danse, is a space dedicated to the creation of dance. Regularly, this space offers exchanges. Also, meetings between the public and the artists: performances, film screenings, parties, workshops…

fabre museum montpellier

Château d’O

A field for the performing arts.

This ancient estate hosts numerous events and festivals of circus, theater. Also, music or cinema. Every year, fans of the performing arts come to the heart of the 23-hectare park to meet artists from all over the world.

arts in montpellier

Cultural places in Montpellier: Halles Tropisme

Creativity in all its splendor.

Tropisme offers an artistic and cultural program for all, mixing music and culinary experiments. Also, contemporary art and clubbing, debates and afterworks.

lattara and fabre museum

Musée Henri Prades

Discover the Gallo-Roman past.

The archaeological site Lattara reveals the rich Gallo-Roman past. Thus, in the ancient port of Lattara, which was occupied from the 6th century BC to the 3rd century AD. Then, the Henri Prades museum offers a journey through time.

cultural places in Montpellier

First of all, the alliance française Montpellier is a cultural place in Montpellier. Also, it offers cultural activities in connection with the region and the city of Montpellier. Thus, each student of the alliance française Montpellier visit the cultural places in Montpellier. Then, to discover a rich program of activities and diverse cultural expressions.

places of culture

Fabre museum

First, the Fabre Museum in Montpellier is a fine arts museum. Also, it has one of the largest art collections. Secondly, the visits organized by the school discover the richness of the plastic arts.  Finally, the cultural contacts in the cultural places in Montpellier correspond to the plurality of spaces. So, the botanical garden or the Arc of triomph. However, cultural mediation is an important part of the programming.

art in Montpellier

First of all, the arts in Montpellier are exhibited in cultural venues. Thus, respond to the dynamics of a young and university town. So, access is guaranteed for students who want to get closer to French culture. Here,  discover the diversity of French-speaking cultures. So, painting, dance, theater are events that have a program in the city. Then, world music is the center of several festivals that attract the attention of groups and artists from all over the world. Finally, the public always finds a cultural offer that suits their interests. Also, its desires.

Botanical garden

one of the cultural places in Montpellier

First of all, one of the cultural places in Montpellier that receives a lot of visits is the botanical garden of Montpellier. Because of this, the oldest botanical garden in France. Nevertheless, a school that is still active. Due to, this botanical garden is placed in Montpellier, close to other monuments and historical buildings. Then, keep the history of a city that has grown to the rhythm of intercultural contacts.

cultural places and festivals

Also, Montpellier offers you all year long art festivals in Montpellier, cinema, music, theater, dance, circus. Moreover, the best musicians and dance companies in the world come to perform in these festivals.  So, Montpellier shines thanks to its cultural places where art is shown in all its facets. Thus, academic, contemporary and popular, and in spaces rich in history like the botanical garden. So, come and visit Montpellier and discover it.

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