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Festivals in Montpellier

Festivals in Montpellier. Here,you will find an important step to the european festivals season in the different arts. So, come and find cinema, theater, dance in Montpellier.

Like that, Montpellier offers year-round festivals of cinema and music. Also, programs for theater, dance, circus. Then, the best musicians and dance companies in the world come to perform in its festivals.

Montpellier festivals

Montpellier Danse

Encounters with the best of the world dance scene.

Montpellier Dance Festival is an annual festival of contemporary dance founded in 1981. Once a year, it takes place in the months of June and July. In several spaces. Today, it is one of the most important meetings in the European scene.

Theater montpellier

Montpellier festival: Printemps des comédiens

A very wide range of theatrical programming.

This festival welcomes about twenty shows of international theater in the Domaine d’O, in Montpellier. Also, other kinds of live performance. So, come and enjoy of music, dance, gesture and speech in a warm atmosphere.

french music

Montpellier festivals. Estivales / Hivernales

To discover the local products.

The city of Montpellier organizes a summer market for Montpellier residents and visitors from all over the world. Also, a Christmas market in December. Here, wine and regional gastronomy are the protagonists.

montpellier cinema

Architectures Vives

Heritage and contemporary art

The Festival des Architectures Vives is an architectural tour for the general public, which allows to discover emblematic sites of Montpellier, by going in contact with this rich heritage and by proposing installations of contemporary art.

festival d'avignon

CineMed, one of Montpellier’s film festivals

The cinema in the Mediterranean.

The annual meeting of the best Mediterranean productions. Thus, many films are screened. Also, some celebrities visit the city. Moreover, the program includes screenings of short and feature films, special evenings and meetings.

french music festival

Radio France Occitanie-Montpellier

All the power of music.

The festival offers each year in Montpellier symphonic and lyrical concerts, chamber music, concerts of young soloists, jazz concerts, world music and electronic music

festival cinema france

Montpellier Festivals: What a Trip

Travel and nature…

A program that every year takes us to discover paradisiacal places and the adventure of contemporary explorers. Travel the world from Montpellier, its squares, its exhibition halls and its cinemas.

montpellier culture history

Heritage Days

The history of the city is offered to your eyes.

During a weekend, the heritage buildings of Montpellier are open free of charge to learn about their history. Animations are put at the service of a mediation for all publics.

nîmes montpellier

City center in lights

The monuments from another perspective.

During the month of November, stroll through downtown at night and discover Montpellier’s heritage buildings decorated with light projections and animated illustrations that reflect the history of the places as well as the new creative trends in Montpellier festivals.

french music and party

French music. The brass bands in Montpellier

The street vibrates to the sound of the trumpets.

Once a year, brass bands arrive in Montpellier to party in the streets of the Beaux-Arts district. Here, a colorful and extremely fun environment awaits you. So, dance, laugh, share a good time while listening to French music!

First, Alliance Française accompanies you to the festivals. Second, they offer throughout the year in Montpellier. Finally, find theater, cinema, French music.

montpellier festivals

culture and activities montpellier

montpellier culture spaces

Moreover, montpellier festivals have a large public participation. Even, the spectrum of arts cover these montpellier festivals. So, we can find montpellier cinema and music. Also, montpellier theater, dance, photography and street arts. Otherwise, french music rocks.

french music

theater montpellier

However, Montpellier students learn French. Also,  French culture. So, they are the main guests of these events. Then, Montpellier festivals guarantee access to a large audience. Thus, at different times of the year. Nevertheless, you will learn.

French culture

cultural agenda

Nevertheless, Montpellier festivals provide access to French. Also, to Francophone culture. Otherwise, the diversity of artistic expressions offers a cultural agenda rich in events. Here, the cultural activities are fun. So, visitors to the city can see and experience the arts in the south of France. However, the montpellier culture. But, you will enjoy.

Alliance française

montpellier festival events

Also, theater in Montpellier is particularly popular. Even more, dance. So, Montpellier Dance Festival is one of the largest stage events in France. Finally, come and learn.


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