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Room on Campus

Room on Campus in Montpellier : A university campus atmosphere, in the middle of summer in France, at a very reasonable price!

University studios with private bathrooms, toilets and shared kitchen.

Nice patio, wifi and laundry room.

The campus is very well served by public transport.

Description of the room on Campus:

  • Our summer campus, available only from July 3 to August 27, will be located in a student residence reachable with public transportation from the Alliance Française, with all the expected features: wifi, common laundry, patio.
  • Each student will have a single room (about 10-12m2) with private bathroom, toilet and shared kitchen.
  • Sheets and towels are provided.
  • Minimum stay of 2 weeks.
  • Deposit of 150€ required after arrival (by credit card or cash).


The various residences are located within 30 minutes by public transport from the school.
Arrival on Sunday late afternoon the day before your course starts. Departure on Saturday morning, the day after the end of your internship. 2 weeks minimum. No extra night possible.

Room on Campus

Room on Campus in France, accommodation and university rooms during summer in Montpellier, Alliance Française Montpellier

Summer campus Montpellier

Room on Campus

Firstly, there is nothing better to improve your French than to practice it every day with our intensive French courses. Secondly, you can progress very quickly. Thirdly, become familiar with different aspects of French culture. Therefore, University rooms in France is perfect for your long stay. Furthermore, enjoy the summer campus formula.

Séjour linguistique

Firstly, you will discover different aspects of French culture and life. Moreover, you will learn French at the Alliance Française de Montpellier, your international French language school. Therefore, you improve your French during the day and practice it in the evening and on weekends.

Accommodation in France

Room on Campus

Secondly, Alliance Française de Montpellier has a specific accommodation service that chooses accommodation in Montpellier. Furthermore, we select our accommodation in accordance with the Alliance Française quality charter (comfort, cleanliness, location).

Therefore, you have a room with a comfortable single bed, a small desk and a storage space for your personal belongings. In order to make your stay a successful experience and to take your expectations into account, you can make some of your wishes known when you register on our website.

Séjour linguistique jeune

Thirdly, French immersion programs. Nevertheless, this option is offered in the Gap Year program, for long stays of 3 to 9 months. Moreover, we have the Bed and Breakfast formula : in a single room with breakfast. However, you have not access to the kitchen for lunch and dinner. In fact, meals must be taken outside. Finally, choose the half board formula: single room with breakfast and dinner.

Room on Campus in Montpellier

Firstly, enjoy a single room: guaranteed in our contracts with our host families. Moreover, homestay is close to the city center (30 minutes maximum from the Place de la Comédie, the heart of Montpellier, by streetcar or bus).

Therefore, arrival on Sunday afternoon and departure on Saturday morning.

University rooms in France

Room on Campus Montpellier France in summer

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