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Culture and activities

Culture Montpellier: Take advantage of this comprehensive program. Social, cultural, sports and excursions are the activities that the Alliance Française Montpellier offers all year round.
Tourism Montpellier: you can visit the south of France from Occitanie to Provence with our tour guide. Also, you could participate in our cultural activities and visits. Finally, come and explore during your vacations Montpellier, a young, student and cultural city that moves day and night.

Culture Montpellier is: many cultural and social activities to discover Montpellier and its culture. Its festivals, its artistic, festive and sportif events, to meet people and practice the French language.

Activities several times a week and every weekend. All year round. So, you can choose and have an unforgettable experience in France.

Excursions to explore Montpellier, Occitanie and the South of France. Visit the city accompanied by a professional guide.

For the gastronomy lovers, we also propose wine and cheese tastings every week

montpellier culture

Our cultural activities in Montpellier

Alliance Française and its Culture Montpellier program takes advantage of the exceptional agenda of the city. Montpellier offers you a rich cultural program.

The passionate cultural animator offers a wide range of cultural activities all year round. Also, these activities are for all ages and tastes. Like that, you could participate in guided tours, rallies in the city, musical or festive evenings. Also, we propose outings to museums and the most beautiful exhibition places. Even, ur school, offers conferences on French history and arts. Finally, you could be part of a French gastronomy course or eat at the best Montpellier restaurants.

montpellier beaches

Our tourist excursions in Occitanie and Provence

We offer you all year round, on weekdays or weekends, a lot of excursions. So, you will explore the most beautiful sites in Occitanie. This region goes from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean.

Montpellier beaches: Montpellier is placed in a privileged location in the south of France, between Spain and Italy. Its incredible history shows a region with many historical sites, some of which are classified as Unesco world heritage sites. Besides, when it comes to tourism, Montpellier is surrounded by Carcassonne, Saint-Guilhem-le-desert, Nîmes, Avignon, Sète, Arles, the Beaux de Provence…

montpellier tourism

Sports activities with Alliance Française

The region of Montpellier is between the sea and the mountains. It invites you to practice sports.

Montpellier offers sports activities. You dream of windsurfing in the Mediterranean, in Montpellier beaches, lakes and ponds await you. Also, this is your chance to ride horses in the Camargue or try via ferrata or canyoning. Alliance Française Montpellier offers sports activities all summer long with state certified sports educators. You can explore natural sites in the south of France and play sports.

cultural activities

Art Montpellier. Our cultural projects

Alliance Française Montpellier participates in the cultural life of the city.

We offer multicultural experiences. These, will allow you to become familiar with French art, culture and history. Alliance Française is a major player in Montpellier’s cultural scene. These are encounters where language is the vehicle for free expression.

restaurant montpellier

Montpellier Culture. Our cultural agenda

Enjoy of a monthly agenda with a selection of events.

The cultural service of Alliance Française Montpellier offers a mediation between our students and the cultural offer of the city. Each month, we offer you a calendar with a selection of artistic events.  Also, our cultural officer will accompany you to the outings, to make the most of an immersion experience. Every week, you can join the activities we organize. In addition, cultural routes, workshops and lectures, you can participate in evening events and discover the lively nightlife of a young city.

montpellier culture

Discover Montpellier

Come and visit a lifeful city.

Alliance Française awaits you in the south of France. Only 10 minutes from the sea. Montpellier is a city on a human scale, in the heart of one of a beautiful region. Which, you will discover with the activities proposed by the school. It’s a university town, full of life. So, this city welcomes you under a sunny sky all year round.

First, tourism culture Montpellier. Second, discover an exciting city, near the beaches. Third, Montpellier is full of heritage and natural wealth. Finally, come.

Culture montpellier

Also, Montpellier culture and montpellier tourism are the activities of Alliance française.  Therefore, are designed to help you discover montpellier art. Even do, like that. Nevertheless, the agenda is good.

Montpellier Tourism

Then, vacation allows you to stay at montpellier beaches. By the way, take a language course and share the culture of montpellier. While, you study. Meanwhile, you discover the south of france.

Art montpellier

montpellier culture

In other words, montpellier culture is a great way to discover the world. Also, to improve your knowledge of montpellier art. Even, to taste the flavors of montpellier restaurants. Finally, it’s better.

Montpellier vacations

Restaurant montpellier

First, we invite you to enjoy the culture of Montpellier. Then, with Alliance Française, your school in the south of France. Second, learn the art of montpellier. Finally, with the pleasure that montpellier tourism can offer you. In other words, it’s rich in history, culture and natural diversity. Then, you learn. Nevertheless, you’ll eat the french cooking. Meanwhile, the teachers teach you.

Alliance française and culture montpellier

Also, for your montpellier vacation, you have a guided tour of the city. However, discover its history. Then, that will allow you to make the most of montpellier tourism.  However, is great.

Montpellier beaches

In addition, Alliance française Montpellier offers a montpellier culture program. Also, it will take you to montpellier restaurants. Meanwhile, enjoy montpellier beaches. Besides, you’ll learn french.

montpellier vacation

Then, you will discover montpellier. Also, you will practice tourism. Nevertheless, relax during your montpellier vacation. More often, you learn. However, the airport is close.

montpellier art spaces

Also, the best cultural program combines montpellier art. So, you will tell us your French learning goals. Then, montpellier will bring you an unexpected life experience. Meanwhile, yo have a smart vacation. However, montpellier.

Make montpellier tourism

Finally, Alliance Française Montpellier offers guided tours. For exemple,  you know Montpellier and its region. Nevertheless, it’s great.

montpellier tourisme

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