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French course for beginner Montpellier
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French course for beginner

Discover and learn to speak French every day in a very small group with intensive French course for beginner in Montpellier and improve your level of French.

Discover the French language and obtain a sufficient level to participate in the intensive courses.

Acquire the basics of the language to ensure your learning success

Benefit from small group classes for personalised teaching.

6 weeks of training to acquire the A1 level and obtain a solid foundation of the language.

10 hours of general French classes, from Monday to Friday in small groups. 

The Intensive course for beginners ensures that you learn the basics of the language alive. The focus is on listening and speaking skills.

Every first Monday of the month, you start your French course for beginner in very small groups for maximum interaction and communication in a warm, French-speaking atmosphere.

Our pedagogy

The development of written and oral skills takes place in situations. You will deal with a wide variety of subjects in everyday situations based on authentic documents (audio, video, written) selected by our teaching team. The structures of the language (grammar, vocabulary) are worked on through fun activities. You will also discover the French-speaking culture through the course and our cultural and social activities.

Our passionate teachers will accompany you throughout your learning process. 

Need some advice? Choose the right length of course according to your goals… It takes 6 weeks to obtain the A1 level for a complete beginner!


2 hours per day from Monday to Friday
Course dates.
Every first Monday of the month
Monday to Friday, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Level accepted.
Number of participants.
2 to 6 participants

My French progress

French level CECR progression scale

French course beginner

French course for beginner, intensive French courses for beginners, learn to speak French with Alliance Française Montpellier

Learn french

French A1

Firstly, Intensive French courses for beginners. Therefore, French A1 for beginner.

French course beginner

Learn to speak French during the intensive courses for beginners at the Alliance Française Montpellier, and then obtain the FLE A1 level.

French for beginners

French courses

First, the Alliance Française Montpellier offers French courses (séjour linguistique). To begin with, they are dedicated to beginners and FLE courses of level A1. Then, you can learn French. In order to learn in small groups in Montpellier, Occitanie, France.

FLE for beginners

Secondly, to learn to speak French. That’s why the Alliance Française Montpellier proposes you to practice the language during the lessons. In addition, it offers many cultural activities.
Intensive beginner French course.

In addition, the intensive beginner French courses are dedicated to learners who wish to discover the basics of the French language. To finally be able to communicate in France.
French as a Foreign Language A1

As for the intensive courses of French as a Foreign Language, in this perspective allow after 6 weeks to validate the A1 level. In any case, students who have validated the A1 level can then join the intensive French as a foreign language courses of 20 lessons per week. Later on, a student who has completed 6 weeks of intensive courses for beginners will be able to join the 20 lesson intensive course. Alternatively, take a group French course. Or, our beginner courses are held in small groups of 3 to 6 students. Certainly allowing for rapid progress and guidance. Almost personalized and individualized with the teacher.

French course beginner

The Alliance Française Montpellier is part of a network of more than 800 Alliances françaises in the world. In short, the vocation is to promote French-speaking cultures and languages. Whereas, the Alliance Française de Montpellier, in this case perpetuates the values of excellence, diversity of respect for cultures and conviviality. In other words, as a member of an international network, the Alliance Française Montpellier is committed to offering a quality service to its learners.

Intensive French courses for foreigners

This is why, once the stay is over, the learners can then follow their course. Always in contact with their teachers by participating in the online intensive courses. Certainly, joining the Alliance Française network opens the door to the whole world.

In the background, the beginner courses at the Alliance Française. On the whole are intended for all levels. Indeed, the groups are homogeneous. In fact they are very homogeneous.

Finally, the intensive French courses for beginners are the most effective. To finally be able to speak and integrate the A2 course. In conclusion, this course in small groups. Ends with 20 lessons per week. To finally pass the A1 level. Lastly the teachers accompany the students. Essentially the courses are oriented on communication. In other words we learn to speak French. All in all, the course can last from 6 to 9 months from a beginner level. In short, it’s fast. So it’s effective.

French courses for beginner in France

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