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Discover Montpellier

Montpellier Tourism: Alliance Française awaits you in the south of France. Only 10 minutes from the sea and the beaches, Montpellier is a city on a human scale. Also, it is placed in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions of France. Like that, you will discover a student city, with the activities proposed by the school or with the visits of the Montpellier Tourist Office

Montpellier is a university city, full of life and culture. Then, it welcomes you under a sunny sky all year round. Here, you can enjoy the French Mediterranean way of life. Then, come to stroll through its squares and terraces and experience some intercultural exchanges.

discover montpellier

Montpellier tourism: the city’s rich history

The circulation of people and ideas has built Montpellier Cultural Tourism.

On a communication axis joining Spain to Italy and close to the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier has radiated from its beginning, on November 26, 985. When the city was a center of exchange between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. The spice trade and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela laid the foundations for all subsequent traffic. Until today, when its cosmopolitan and intercultural character has been established. So, the medieval alleys and the 18th century buildings are the accomplices of this history. Also, the Faculty of Medicine and the wine tradition are also part of its personality.

student city

Montpellier, student city

4th largest student city in France.

Montpellier is one of the most popular cities for students, ranking it among the top cities for living and studying in France. Students represent 20% of the population. As a proof, its medical school is in fact the oldest in the world.
Thus, it attracts students from all over the world with its prestigious universities and 1300 courses of study available.

visit montpellier student city

The Mediterranean art of living

Colors, sounds, flavors, happiness… what good things!

Sun and light build the softness that characterizes Montpellier. Under a blue sky, the sand of the beaches make nice contrasts. There, the music from all around the world is the sound framework to taste culinary specialties and toast with the good wine of the region. Then, the Mediterranean art of living is happiness and human warmth, you will experience it in the beaches of Montpellier.

mediterranean montpellier

Cultural places in Montpellier

A whole course in the heart of downtown.

Visit Montpellier, a city that shines thanks to its cultural venues. There, art is shown in all its facets: academic, contemporary and popular, and in spaces rich in history. Fine arts and street art, medieval history and current trends are distributed along the streets and squares. Here, the terraces mark the rhythm day and night.

mediterranean lifestyle

Discover Montpellier: festivals in the city

Throughout the year, take advantage of the various events.

Montpellier offers all year long festivals of cinema, music, theater, dance, circus… Like that, the best musicians, the best dance companies, the writers of the moment, the classical and contemporary theater are in town. Everyone come to visit Montpellier and perform in festivals that show an intercultural spirit.

student city montpellier

How to get to Montpellier

All roads lead to… Montpellier.

10km from the Mediterranean. About 3.5 hours by road or 3 hours by TGV from Barcelona. 4 hours by road from Italy. 3.5 hours by TGV or 1 hour and 10 minutes by plane from Paris. Montpellier is in the heart of the Occitanie. The airport and train station are easily accessible thanks to the city’s transportation system.

First, discover Montpellier Tourism. Seconf, visit Montpellier. Third, a city of history and perfect for students. Fourth, it is in a beautiful region of France. Finally, learn french.

Montpellier tourism

However, the Mediterranean city of Montpellier tourism has many charms. Specially, for international students. Also, to discover and learn French.

Discover Montpellier

First of all, montpellier tourism is a student city. Second,  the majority of the population comes from different backgrounds. Third, is eager to learn more. Fourth, visit montpellier and its beaches.

Visit montpellier

The beaches of montpellier

Nevertheless, it is a dynamic city of medium size. Thus, montpellier tourist office operates throughout its territory. However, is easily accessible. So, you can move around independently. Also, discover its spaces in a natural way.

Sports in the beaches of montpellier

Even, in montpellier tourism, you will always find cultural and social activities to interact. Thus, within the framework of a city of confluences to discover montpellier. Here, the beaches of montpellier and the monuments coexists. Thus, with the alternative events of today.

montpellier hotel

South of france

Finally, visit Montpellier and you will find the best French language school in France. However, Alliance Française Montpellier accommodates you in a montpellier hotel. Also, it welcomes you with a team of professional teachers. Nevertheless, to discover montpellier.

Montpellier guided tour

Then, visit Montpellier, a city located a few kilometers from the beaches of Montpellier. Also, on the Mediterranean coast. Finally, the landscapes of the Cevennes and Garrigues.

Montpellier city of tourism

So, the school and the tourist office of montpellier will take you to a privileged area. Here, you enjoy of natural wealth. Also, next to the Camargue reserve and surrounded by rivers, and the beaches of montpellier. However, you can stay in a montpellier hotel. Otherwise, enjoy outdoor sports with montpellier tourism activities complemented by activities in nature. In addition, visit montpellier and its cultural heritage which is everywhere. Since, our school’s excursions will take you to Carcassonne. Then, you visit Arles, Avignon, Nimes. Also, many other destinations of beauty and history. Thus, to do montpellier tourism. So, learn french.

montpellier tourism office

In addition, visit montpellier with the montpellier tourism office. Also, with our cultural service. Then, you will  develop your oral expression. Also, discover the secrets of montpellier tourism. Finally, it is a beautiful city.

culture and activities

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