Learn french in France
Intensive courses for DELF
French exam preparation

Intensive Plus DELF B2

Succeeding in the DELF with French courses for exam training, DELF exam preparation workshops with our French school, Alliance Française Montpellier.

Make rapid progress in French to reach or improve your B2 level

Obtain a good result in the DELF exam thanks to our exam preparation workshops

Certify your level of French for your university or professional career by obtaining the DELF exam

An intensive rhythm and a “tailor-made” DELF preparation to reach your objectives quickly

The 20 French lessons per week – 4 French lessons per day from Monday to Friday – are completed by 6 preparation workshops for the official B2 exams.

During the intensive general French course, you learn how to master the structures of the language. Our communicative approach allows you to become more fluent in French. You will improve your level of French in the 4 skills to ensure your success in all parts of the exam.

The 6 exam preparation workshops per week complete the general French courses to give you the tools you need to succeed. 

Oral comprehension and written comprehension are studied during workshops that you do autonomously and where you progress efficiently according to your difficulties. You practice with exam material and progressive interactive activities. We give you practical advice and tips and an unlimited access to our online platform and for you to succeed better on the exam day.

Our teachers coach you during the speaking workshop to improve your confidence and skills for your speaking exam.  You will take part in mock exams and benefit from the advice given by our expert teachers and from a personalised correction. 

Organisation of the workshops

The exam preparation workshops are organised in 6 sessions of 45 minutes per week:

  • Listening workshop in autonomy : 1 lesson of 45 minutes
  • Reading workshop in autonomy : 1 lesson of 45 minutes
  • Writing workshops : 2 times 45 minutes of personal work and production + individual feedback from your teacher
  • Oral expression workshop: 45 minutes of self preparation + 15 minutes of practice for the oral test with your teacher

Unlimited access to our teaching platform with methodological tools and interactive resources to prepare yourself successfully for the exam.

Work on your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills individually, using the online resources provided by our DELF specialist teachers. Your teacher corrects your written test and gives you individual feedback (corrections and advice). Each week you prepare the oral test and record your presentation. Then, you present the oral part with your teacher who helps you to improve (methodology, phonetics, vocabulary…).

Looking for advice? Ask our team for advice to choose the right exam for you according to your level and goals.


26 lessons of 45 minutes from Monday to Friday
Courses dates.
Every Monday
Intensive course: Mornings from 9.30am to 12.30pm or afternoons from 2pm to 5pm
Delf workshops: available on the platform 24 hours a day, one meeting per week between 5 and 6pm.
Levels accepted.
B1 and B2 (intermediate)
Number of participants.
1 participant

DELF Preparation B2

French courses for DELF exam

DELF preparation, French courses for exam training, exam preparation workshops with Alliance Française Montpellier, France

Intensive Course Plus Exam

Learn French for exam

DELF B1 and B2 Intensive Course Plus at Alliance Française Montpellier – DELF training, preparation and practice all year round.

First, the Intensive Plus course, second, at the Alliance Française Montpellier. Secondly, learn French for exam. In order to practice French, in order to obtain a diploma of French. As workshop preparation Delf B1 or Delf B2 exam preparation course. In this case, intensive preparation for the French diploma.

Nevertheless, French courses for beginners. Furthermore, learn French in French school. Moreover, French institute in Montpellier. Otherwise, séjour linguistique in France.

In the first place, work on your listening, reading and writing skills. Moreover, French immersion programs in France. Nevertheless, intensive French courses. Furthermore, French immersion in Montpellier. Thus, learn French fast.


learn French for exam

First, the DALF, diploma of French as a foreign language. Secondly, a French diploma valid for life. Thirdly, certification of French. To this end, the preparation courses for the Delf and Dalf. In this view, exam preparation courses. In this view, French exam preparation courses. For this purpose, obtaining a diploma of French as a Foreign Language. In order to study in France.

DELF B1 training

French courses for exam

From this point of view, the French courses, the French lessons in France. That’s why, French training to prepare for an exam. In this sense, get the French test. In short, foreign learners. Because studies in France.

Because language stay in France.

In addition, French as a foreign language to pass a French exam. While the French workshops at the Alliance Française Montpellier. For foreign students in Montpellier to learn French quickly.

Not only the preparation courses. But also, the courses with French teacher. Then allow to obtain the French exam. To study at the university in France for foreigners. In the end, pass the French test.

DELF Preparation B2

To get the B1 and B2 in French. Especially at the Alliance Française Montpellier. Finally intensive course plus exam.

Finally, FLE course, French level B1 and B2. Moreover, to practice for the exam. Finally to get his diploma in France. As a result, group French courses to prepare for the test. Finally to progress rapidly. In a word, to pass the Dalf. To conclude and study in France.

Succeed French examination DELF

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