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An agenda of cultural activities for an immersion experience in the French language and culture: city guided tour of Montpellier, conferences, outings, etc…

Our cultural coordinator offers a wide range of cultural activities all year round. Thus, for all ages and tastes: guided tours, rallies in the city, musical or festive evenings. Also, outings to museums and the most beautiful exhibition sites, not to mention cooking classes and French gastronomy.

cultural activities

Guided tour of Montpellier city center

Visit Montpellier; a city of confluences awaits you.

Get to know the city center and its buildings from the Middle Ages and the 19th century. Then, discover the secrets of the cultural heritage and the stories of its characters. Thus, with our cultural activities, you will discover a city of confluences that offers you the perfect mix of history and a lively social life.

montpellier street art

Street Art in Montpellier

The walls of the city have things to say.

Mural frescoes, flying bikes, writing on the roofs, collage, stencil and graffiti. Moreover, visit Montpellier, its medieval streets and the banks of the Lez, passing by the quay of Verdanson, you will discover a different Montpellier… an open air museum.

montpellier guided tour

Bazille and Impressionism

Montpellier as an impressionist painting.

Cultural activities to discover Montpellier. This guided tour is done through the eyes of Frederic Bazille, one of the pioneers of impressionism. Moreover, accompany us from the city center to the Domaine de Méric and discover the life and work of one of the most important painters of France. 

montpelier tour

Alexandre Cabanel, the academic painter

A 19th century artist.

Come and discover the paintings of one of the most important academic painters of France, in his birth city. Also, during these cultural activities, visit the places that marked his life and the complicity of this creator with the city build an unforgettable journey.

tour of montpellier

In the footsteps of Saint-Roch

A cultural route in the footsteps of the city’s protector.

Follow in the footsteps of this Montpellier character, who became the patron saint of his city, and discover the medieval city, an essential stop on the pilgrimage routes. Here, the legend and the actuality define this route in the heart of the city. Another guided tour of Montpellier.

culture in montpellier guided tour

Cultural activities: Writers in Montpellier

Literature and guided tour, while you visit Montpellier.

Many writers have stayed in Montpellier. They have marked the city with their presence and the city has marked them with its personality. Here, follow the steps of François Rabelais, Paul Valéry and Francis Ponge. Also, of some foreign writers such as Joseph Conrad and Henry Miller.

street art monuments

Maguelone : cathedral and beach

An exceptional site of Languedoc.

Between the sea and the ponds stands the imposing cathedral of Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul, an exceptional site in Languedoc. The peninsula of Maguelone is rich in history and landscapes. After, a walk full of history and rest in the beach.

street culture

Sète : musical and poetic

A cultural jewel of the Mediterranean.

Visit this Mediterranean city through routes that highlight its famous characters. Here, find the links between this area and the songs of Brassens and the poetry of Paul Valéry. Also, taste the Mediterranean cuisine and wines of the region.

cultural activities

French history and culture

A program of conferences.

Discuss political and cultural history, literature and arts. Here, these current events and popular culture are topics to be discovered or rediscovered each week. Thus, in lively lectures where you can also practice your French.

montpellier guided city tour

Cultural Activities: Arts and Literature

Put your creativity to the test…

Art workshops, poetry, storytelling, comics, movies. Moreover, complement the learning of the French language with creativity in our creative workshops. It is a different way to improve your oral and written expression and to share with your friends.

street art montpellier

Cooking classes

Let yourself be tempted by the flavors of France.

Discover French gastronomy with real professionals. Here, live a gourmet experience by discovering flavors and culinary techniques.

guided tour montpellier restaurant

Pastry workshop

Recipes to make your stay more enjoyable.

French pastry is an art to discover. Then, prepare and taste the typical recipes of the South of France. One of our favorite cultural activities.

activities montpellier

Cheese tasting

One of the specialties of the region!

In the activities to do in Montpellier, travel by savoring local specialties. So, find a wide variety of cheeses and learn about their origins.

wine city guided tour

Wine tasting

Viticulture in the art of living in the South of France.

The diversity of French wines will have no more secrets for you with our cultural activities. Fun and friendly wine courses in Montpellier, a city marked by its link with wine growing.

First, visit Montpellier with Alliance Française. Second cultural activities for an immersion experience. Third, a guided city tour of Montpellier. Fourth, it is fun.

French and cultural activities

First, Alliance Française offers cultural activities. Also, an immersion experience. Finally, to start: a guided tour of Montpellier.

Cultural activities in Montpellier

So, French and cultural activities in France. Next, is a guided tour in Montpellier. Nevertheless,  french culture with the Activities to do in Montpellier

visit montpellier cultural activities

City tour

Moreover, French, cultural activities. Notwithstanding, enjoy street art montpellier in France. Also, gastronomy and wine tasting with the Alliance Française

Visit montpellier

Street art montpellier in France

Moreover, you can learn French in France with Activities to do in montpellier. Indeed, you can follow our intensive guided tour. However, if you cannot come to the Activities to do in montpellier. Then, choose the online guided tour. In addition, our French school in France welcomes you all year round.

activities to do in montpellier

First of all, book a guided tour online. Indeed, intensive French courses are the best way to progress. Moreover, our teachers adapt to your level and your profile. Then, choose the guided tour for beginners if you have an A1 level. However, you can also choose the guided tour for adults. So, choose the most adapted guided tour.

cultural activities and street art montpellier

First of all, you can learn French in France with Activities to do in montpellier. Indeed, you can follow our intensive guided tour. Moreover, if you can’t come to the Activities to do in montpellier, choose the online guided tour. Later, our French school in France welcomes you all year round.

Guided tour and cultural activities

First of all, you can learn French in France with Activities to do in montpellier. Indeed, you can follow our intensive guided tour.

culture and activities

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