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Long stay in France

Immersion in France : live in France for 3 to 12 months, learn to speak French perfectly and discover a new culture with French immersion programs in France. 

Learn a new language and become bilingual

Immerse yourself in the French language and culture and live an unforgettable life time experience

Give your future career an international dimension

An affordable formula dedicated to long stays: learn and practice French on a daily basis to make lasting progress.

20 French lessons per week for 3 to 12 months – or 4 French lessons per day from Monday to Friday – for steady progress. Put all the chances on your side to become bilingual.

Our French courses take place in small groups in a friendly atmosphere that encourages interaction between the teacher and the participants. You will quickly develop fluency and confidence in speaking. 

Our method is centred on practice, you learn the language in a dynamic and lively way. Firstly, you learn to communicate in French in all situations of daily life, when travelling or for work or study and get to gradually master the French language. You will also discover French culture in class and outside the classroom thanks to our fun and lively cultural and social activities. It is possible to become an expert in French accompanied by your attentive and dynamic French teachers at Alliance Française Montpellier.

Accommodation in France

You can be either welcomed in a host family or stay in an independent flat.  

Alliance Française Montpellier has a dedicated hosting service for your immersion in France. Christophe, our accommodation manager, is responsible for it and carefully chooses the hosts and the housing. You are thus totally assured of the quality of the services.

Choose the host family for more contact and a warm environment. On your first evening you will be offered a welcome meal. After the first days you may live more independently. This formula allows you to evolve in a French environment while having the freedom to live your new life in Montpellier.

Would you prefer to live in a studioflat in complete autonomy? Alliance française Montpellier offers you fully furnished and equipped studioflats from 14 to 18m². 

Whatever your preference is, you can count on our accommodation manager. He chooses the families for their welcoming qualities and the comfort of their accommodation, and maintains excellent relations with the families in Montpellier. The studios are chosen for their comfort and accessibility in order to offer you the best stay.  

If you wish to certify your level of achievement in French, we offer exam preparation courses to certify your level with an official diploma.


20 lessons of 45 minutes from Monday to Friday
Training dates.
Every Monday (1st Monday of the month for beginners)
Intensive course: Mornings from 9.30am to 12.30pm or afternoons from 2pm to 5pm
Levels accepted.
All levels
Number of participants.
8 to 12 participants

Immersion in France

Learn French

Immersion in France, learn French with French immersion programs in France with Alliance Française Montpellier

Long stay program in Montpellier

Immersion in France

First, school to learn French. In a second time, to spend a long stay in France to learn French. In addition, to become bilingual and study and work in France. In this objective, Alliance Française Montpellier. Thus, international network for the promotion of French and French-speaking culture.

immersion programs in France

French immersion program

Firstly, you can obtain the C1 level of French, then to pass the Dalf. Also, to be able to integrate the university in France for foreigners. Moreover, learn French.

French immersion school

Also to live an immersion in a French family. Again, French courses and accommodation in Montpellier. In short, to enjoy life in France. And also the intensive course to progress in French.

Immersion in France

Therefore, in Montpellier, Herault, Occitania, France. Then learn French in France. To this end in a school to learn French. That is to say to master French. Moreover, French school. To become B2 or C1 in French as a foreign language.

School to learn French

French immersion school

In the first place, speak French. Secondly, intensive French classes. Nevertheless, French institute.

Especially for the courses with the teachers of the Alliance Française Montpellier. Indeed the lessons are easy to progress. For example the French courses and the accommodation in studio. As much as the person in charge of accommodation at the Alliance Française Montpellier. On the contrary for the cultural activities in Montpellier. On the other hand, the intensive courses. Hence the intensive courses Plus. Hence the preparation course for the Delf and Dalf.

Long stay in immersion

French immersion school

In conclusion, French for beginners. Furthermore, learn French in Montpellier. Also, French courses in France. Moreover, long stay in France.

Immersion in France

Nevertheless, séjour linguistique. Finally, study French in France.

Long immersion France with french courses

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