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Online DELF DALF preparation

DELF B1 intensive online courses

Pass your DELF B1 exam online with a teacher of the Alliance Française and take part in online test preparation courses.

Develop your French level and learn the language every day with your teacher and classmates.

Practice for the DELB B1 exam with courses designed to prepare you for the DELF B1 exam.

Benefit from the advice of an experienced trainer to prepare candidates for DELF B1.

Practice French every day for 3 hours and reach level B1 for the DELF exam.

Oral and written comprehension practice (1h): a new topic each day

First of all, you’ll log on to our learning platform every day when you’re available, and you’ll take part in interactive listening and reading comprehension activities, vocabulary memorization activities and new general French expressions.

Oral expression practice with a teacher (1h): speak French every day and become fluent in no time!

Secondly, you will have speaking activities in mini-groups to develop your oral fluency in French for the speaking test. You will also develop your vocabulary with your teacher via videoconference.

Online preparation for oral and written expression and oral and written comprehension tests (1h)

Finally, you’ll practice for the DELF B1 exam by logging into our learning platform every day, depending on your availability. You’ll make progress thanks to our teachers, who will correct your oral and written expression exercises asynchronously, with the aim of passing your exam.

You’ll also take mock DELF B1 exams online, so you can practice in real time and get the best score for your exam.

The advantages of our method: a qualified and experienced teacher accompanies you throughout your training.

  • Your Alliance Française teacher helps you and answers all your questions
  • In this way, you receive personalized feedback from your teacher and make rapid progress.
  • Finally, you develop your oral and written skills every day, according to your availability, so that you get the best results on the day of your DELF B1.

To register for the DALF C1 online course, click here!


5 hours per week in videoconference with your teacher,
5 hours of fun activities on our teaching platform,
and 5 hours of online preparation for the DELF B1
Course dates.
Monday to Friday
Videoconference from 3pm to 4pm or from 4pm to 5pm
Limited access to our pedagogical platform
Levels accepted.
A2 or B1 (Intermediate)
Number of participants.
3 to 10 participants

I participate in the DELF B1 online intensive course

To pass my DELF B1 exam, I want to practice every day online with my teacher and independently!

Online DELF B1 preparation courses

DELF B1 online

Preparation for the DELF B1

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Online courses DELF B1

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