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Discover the south of France

Need a sunny getaway to discover culture, heritage jewels and nature, our Alliance Française located in the south of France, in Occitanie, offers you an ideal destination.

Come and discover the French culture while enjoying the Mediterranean art of living. Castles, towers and ramparts rub shoulders with geological formations unique in the world. In addition, the proximity of the sea makes your visit an unforgettable experience… taste the culinary specialties and wines of the region, do sports in the middle of nature, enjoy the rhythm of festivals. Everything is possible in Occitanie!


History and heritage

When the heart tends towards the south…

Due to its history, the south of France has been a point of contact between northern Europe, Spain, Italy and the entire Mediterranean basin. Also, Occitanie borders the regions of Nouvelle Aquitaine, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur. Thus, it is home to many sites of historical importance that reflect its cultural wealth. So, come and discover heritage sites while enjoying the sweetness of the Mediterranean art of living.

culture and tourism

Natural sites

Landscapes to fill your eyes!

From the horizon of the sea to the rocks of the garrigues, from the golden sands to the greenery of the Cevennes, your eyes will feast on all the landscapes that Occitanie. It is a privileged region of southern France. Besides, go hiking, enjoy the beach, dive into the sea or cross the rivers… a large number of activities are at your disposal to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Culture and festivals

Have fun in Occitanie and Herault

Occitanie and Hérault offer you all year long festivals of cinema, music, theater, dance, circus. Even, the best musicians, the best dance companies in the world come to perform in its festivals. So, it’s a good way to discover the culture in France.

tourism occitanie

Playing sports

The Mediterranean adventure.

Go hiking, enjoy the beach, dive into the sea or cross the rivers… At Alliance Française Montpellier you can learn the language, while enjoying the sports offered by the region. So, from biking in a Mediterranean city to windsurfing in and around Montpellier, our activities are designed to meet your needs.

So, with Alliance Française, discover the culture of the south of France. Nevertheless, in Occitanie, castles stand next to unique natural sites.

South of France

First of all, Alliance Française introduces you to the culture of the South of France.  Second, in Occitanie, castles stand next to unique natural sites. Third, it’s great.

French south

Also, in the south of France, life is more pleasant. Even, that’s why we can say that in Occitanie, everyone enjoys the culture and the natural wealth. Finally, the south of France is also one of the most popular and special regions of France.

Occitanie tourism

Meanwhile, the history of the region is visible. So, you can visit it during the excursions organized by Alliance française Montpellier. Also, during the activities scheduled in Herault and in Occitanie. Then, the culture in France is really lived.

Culture and tourism

culture in the south of france

However, in the south of France, as in french south, visitors can participate in activities. So, these lead them to discover culture and tourism.

Herault and Occitanie

Culture in France

Discovering the south of France

First of all, at the Alliance Française in Montpellier, Herault, Occitanie, you can enjoy excursions. Then, in this school, you can discover the culture in France. Finally, the south of France is your destination.


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